Reese’s is launching new ready-to-eat desserts

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a tried and true classic — and no one does it better than Reese’s. But even this iconic candy brand has tried to improve upon the peanut butter cup by stuffing it with pretzels, molding it into holiday shapes and even turning it into a snack cake.

Now, there is yet another new way to eat Reese’s — and this one requires a spoon. New Colliders are bringing the beloved Reese’s flavor combo into three different styles of ready-to-eat refrigerated desserts.

With the Layered dessert, you’ll get a peanut butter-flavored dessert with a milk chocolate topping. If you want something with some crunch, choose the Twisted version, and you’ll find a vanilla-flavored dessert with Reese’s Crumbles mixed in.

Pick Chopped if you want bigger chunks of candy, as this one is again peanut butter-flavored and comes with milk chocolate pieces.

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If Reese’s aren’t your thing, Colliders also come in other flavors for candy lovers who aren’t peanut butter fans. There’s a Twisted Collider that comes with either Kit Kat or Heath candy, while the Chopped includes Hershey’s chocolate or Hershey’s s’mores. The Layered version comes in York peppermint and Rolo flavors.

Each pack comes with two single-serve cups and will be available in the refrigerated section at retailers beginning in January 2021 for around $2.99.

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While you patiently wait for these new Reese’s desserts to hit stores in January, there are plenty of other Reese’s treats you can buy or make yourself right now, such as Reese’s cupcakes, which are both filled and topped with peanut butter.

If you’re up for making your own dessert, these Reese’s stuffed cupcakes are a sure winner, or check out the recipe for no-bake Reese’s Krispy Cookies.


What is your favorite way to eat a Reese’s?

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