This video of a toddler performing a college marching band routine has gone viral

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This toddler is getting a jump start on turning his dreams into reality with a classic “dress for the job you want” scenario. Two-and-a-half-year-old Nolan Martin has always wanted to be a part of the Ohio State marching band, according to his mom and dad. So like anyone with big dreams, he’s started laying the groundwork to reach his goals very early.

Kate Martin, Nolan’s mother, posted a video of the little boy in a marching band uniform, marching around the yard with a toy trumpet, and it is truly the cutest thing you’ll ever see:

Did he nail his routine or what?!

Since his mom first posted the video, it’s garnered nearly two million views. Fans of the OSU marching band, as well as those who just love watching videos of adorable toddlers, can’t get enough of Nolan.

Here’s a video of the actual marching band—which Nolan will hopefully one day be a part of—just for comparison:

The love of the marching band isn’t a new development for Nolan. His mom told Patch, “Ever since he could walk, Nolan has loved marching to the Ohio State band. He didn’t start walking, he started marching,” she said. And we can believe it!

The tot’s pretty much been a Buckeye fan since birth, considering his dad is originally from Worthington, Ohio. But his love for the marching band is all his own. “It’s Nolan who wanted to do this,” his mom told Patch. “We didn’t train him. It’s purely his love.”

And it’s the marching band he likes watching during the football games. His mom describes him as being “glued to the screen” whenever the band begins to play.

That love lasts long after the football game is over, too. In fact, that’s when the dedication and practice comes in. “He watches videos of the band on YouTube and studies exactly how they move/march/dot the i,” his mom told Fox 8.

Obviously, Nolan wanted to dress up as a marching band member for Halloween, so his dad took a pilot costume and altered it to look like the OSU uniform. We think he’ll look just perfect on Oct. 31 (and every other game day, too!).

You may not be able to fashion a marching band costume on your own this Halloween, but thankfully, you can find some online, just in case your kiddo wants to feel like part of the band also. This one is available on Amazon from $31.99-$62.17, depending on what size you need:


You can always check the merchandise a particular college carries, too. OSU doesn’t have the band uniform available online, but it does have this adorable cheerleader’s outfit:

Ohio State University Official Store

Whether you’re a Buckeyes fan or no, this little boy surely made your day. It’s always nice to see kids going after their passions, and Nolan’s certainly got his priorities in order—and he’s not even 3 yet! Goals!

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