Tone Your Body Without Moving A Muscle

Working out can make you tired and sweaty, and that’s no fun, is it? Well, there is a way to get your muscles in shape without having to through all that agony, and it’s called isometric exercise. Isometrics are exercises where there is no change in the length of the muscle, and in these exercises, your muscles tense up, but they don’t actually move.

Exercises that strengthen and contract your muscles are good for tone and muscle strength. Although they do help build muscle, they’re not the best calorie burners, so be sure to add in some cardio or other workouts to supplement your isometric workouts. Good isometric exercises include the plank, the wall sit, and shoulder extension. Studies have found that these can help lower blood pressure and increase your overall strength.

If you want to tone your muscles and get into shape without moving a muscle, here are some tips to to get some muscle tone without breaking a sweat.

1. Contract Your Muscles As Much As Possible

The key to isometric exercise is squeezing your muscles as tight as you can. Contracting your muscles as much as possible, also known as maximal voluntary contraction, works best for strength and conditioning.

2. Hold For At Least 10 Seconds

Most experts recommend holding your isometric poses for at least 10 seconds to get best results. Work in reps to maximize your strength training, but also know that a little bit can go a long way.

3. Breathe

Holding your breath for too long during an isometric exercise can cause an increase in blood pressure. Make sure you breath from your lower belly, and inhale and exhale slowly. However, the good news is, done right, isometric exercises can actually help lower blood pressure overall.

4. Take Care To Have Proper Form

Proper form is important to avoid injury, but it can also help you gain muscle in the right places. For best results, switch up your joint angles, which can increase your muscle strength, according to a study in the Journal of Sports Science.

5. Switch It Up

Doing a plank everyday isn’t going to give you the body you want, so incorporate more than one isometric exercise into your routine, and also supplement them with fat-burning exercises such as cardio to ensure you’re getting a balanced workout.

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