This Town Is Hiring A Hedgehog Officer (No Joke!)

I’m not sure that you will find a job listing like this in your local version of Craigslist.

Nonetheless, there’s a town in England by the name of Ipswich and they needed to hire a… Hedgehog Officer. And what does a Hedgehog Officer do? The Suffolk Wildlife Trust wants to make Ipswich a Hedgie Hangout, so to speak.

Quoting The Telegraph by way of MentalFloss, “By inspiring streets of people to act together to create habitat links and remove the barriers to hedgehog movement between gardens, your goal is to establish a network of feeding, nesting and hibernating habitat across the town.” You know, establish the town as “Hedgie-Friendly.” I guess they will need to make little signs so the hedgies will actually know they are welcome?


Here’s a cached version of the job ad (it just closed a few days ago, which means we should soon learn who the lucky new Hedgehog Officer will be). If not for the pesky reason we live in California, I’d have applied for this job. Details, details.

The job is a two-year posting and pays $31,300 USD/year. Well, after they go through the resumes, if they don’t have a qualified candidate, they know where to find me. Maybe I can convince my wife to love UK winters.

h/t: MentalFloss