It Turns Out Purses May Be A Better Investment Than Real Estate

This is dangerous news for all the handbag lovers out there.

The website Baghunter recently did a study on the value of a particular style of Chanel handbag over time. The appreciation? Off the charts.

The value of the particular bag they studied, the Medium Classic Flap bag, has increased 70 percent since 2010 alone. The website chose this bag, also known as the 2.55 Bag, because it’s “the oldest and most consistent bag in the Chanel collection,” therefore it provided the best historical data.

What the results show is that not only is the value of this bag consistently on the rise, the same goes for other Chanel handbags as well.


The conclusion you can draw, then, is that not only Chanel but other high-end luxury bags are a good investment. Baghunter credits the rise in second-hand luxury marketplaces (like themselves, so take that into consideration) with helping these bags retain their value.

So how does all of this stack up against an investment like real estate, you ask? According to the Economist, real estate has appreciated 17% in the past three years. Now that’s nothing to scoff at—but it’s not the 70% increase that apparently a luxury handbag can get you!

h/t PureWow