9 unexpected things to add to your coffee

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According to the National Coffee Association, coffee drinkers in the United States enjoy an average of about three cups a day. Of those who do, 79 percent prepare their beverages at home.

If you’re part of that majority, you can make your morning cup of Joe even better by adding one or more unusual ingredients to it. Some of these add-ins boost the flavor, while others have health benefits that make them worth considering.

1. Butter

You may have already heard about bulletproof coffee or butter coffee, but you may still wonder why people drink it. The key is putting a pat of grass-fed butter into your morning mug. Not only will doing so give you a rich, smooth, creamy cup of coffee, but it can also provide numerous nutrients and help you feel fuller longer.


2. Turmeric

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make it a beneficial natural supplement for many. Adding the spice to your coffee not only offers health benefits but also lends a warm, rich, earthy flavor to your morning beverage. The Mayo Clinic recommends no more than eight grams of turmeric per day.

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3. Salt

Stirring salt into your mug might not sound very appealing, but some coffee aficionados swear by adding a pinch to the pot. It seems that salt can cut the bitterness that often occurs. It can also enhance the flavor and even improve the water you use. Don’t shake it into your cup, however. Rather, put about 1/4 teaspoon into your grounds before brewing.

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4. Black Pepper

The piquant flavor of ground black pepper is recognizable, but did you know it carries numerous health benefits? It can aid digestion and serve as an antioxidant. In addition, some cultures enjoy a pinch of pepper in their morning coffee. This might be worth trying if you want more of a kick in the morning.

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5. Cardamom

In the Middle East, many coffee drinkers enjoy this spice in their daily coffee. Some drop pods into their cups while others brew cardamom seeds with coffee grounds. Either way, the coffee takes on the earthy flavor with vanilla undertones.

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6. Cinnamon

If you’re a cinnamon lover, you’ll appreciate this coffee add-in idea. Including cinnamon in your cup of coffee boosts antioxidants, can protect against high blood sugar and can even improve heart health. There are several ways to make it, as well. You can add ground cinnamon to your coffee grounds before brewing, sprinkle some on top of the liquid in your mug or even stir your cup with a cinnamon stick.

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7. Gelatin

While you probably don’t want to add a spoonful of cherry Jell-O to your coffee cup, stirring a spoonful into your mug can be a healthy way to start your day. Gelatin offers amino acids and protein. The powder is flavorless and colorless, meaning you likely won’t notice it’s even there.

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8. Egg

We all know that eggs are high in protein and rich in nutrients. But adding an egg to your coffee might sound beyond reasonable. However, egg coffee has been a Scandinavian tradition for years. To make egg coffee, beat an egg and add it to dry coffee grounds before brewing. Some drinkers even include the shell.

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9. Nut Butter

A slight twist on butter coffee, almond butter, peanut butter or other nut butter in coffee gives it a unique flavor. It also provides protein and healthy fats, helping you feel satisfied all morning long. Stir a dollop into your hot coffee and allow it to melt or toss it all in your blender.

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