7 Unexpected Ways To Use Pickle Juice

If you’re a pickle fan, you likely go through jars and jars of pickles each month. It’s definitely a letdown when you’re on that last pickle and all that is remaining is the juice, but you might want to think twice before tossing that vinegary marinade. Pickle juice can be used in a number of recipes to add a unique and pungent flavor.

Next time you finish that pickle jar, refrain from throwing out the juice and use it in one of these seven ways.

1. Re-Pickle

The easiest way to use the brine is to pickle other vegetables or even items like hard-boiled eggs. You can use anything from carrots and radishes to onions, beets and more.

2. Dressing

Use your pickle juice in place of vinegar in a dressing, and you’ll have salads with more flavor and a tangy kick.

3. Cocktails

Pickle juice can be used more more than just Bloody Marys. Mix your pickle juice with whiskey, gin or vodka for a savory cocktail.

4. Grilling

Want to add flavor to that chicken breast or steak? Throw it on the barbecue—but marinade it in some pickle juice first. Try this Pickle Brine Chicken recipe from All Recipes.

5. Boiled Potatoes

Boiling potatoes is healthier than frying them, but they tend to taste a little bland. An easy solution? Add some pickle juice.

6. Make Pickle Juice Bread

Make a deli-style loaf of bread with your leftover juice. You’ll never want to touch a plain slice of white bread again.

7. Pickle Popsicles

If you’re not afraid to take some risks, make a savory summer popsicle using pickle brine.

[h/t: BHG]