A Unicorn Chocolate Bar Exists, And It’s Just As Rare And Amazing As You’d Imagine

As if chocolate couldn’t be more amazing than it already is, this company had to go and give it an incredible update.

A unicorn chocolate bar now exists, and yes, it’s just as pink, glittery and rare as you’d imagine it to be. Chocolate company Ritter Sport is the one responsible for bringing this incredible treat into your life. According to Hello Giggles, they’ve brought 50 of these bars to the UK, because it’s not everyday that you see a unicorn, after all. You wouldn’t expect a candy this magical to flood grocery stores everywhere would you? Of course not.

So, it’s not likely that you’ll get your hands on one of these rare beauties, unless you were able to win one via the brand’s Instagram or you know, happen to be one of the lucky folks in the UK who stumble upon this creature out in the wild.


Although, ask and the internet will provide. If you’re willing to pay a lot of money for chocolate, you can find some folks selling the candy bar on eBay for $39 and up. Just in case you’re desperate to get your hands on this goodie.


And if you’re not already, you might be willing to pay whatever you have to in order to get your hands on it once you find out what’s in it.

According to Cosmopolitan UK, the chocolate bar is described as “white chocolate with a yoghurt and raspberry-cassis rainbow.” The publication also point out that the bar is glittery, naturally.

The packaging is bright pink and has a rainbow across it, so if you are in the UK, it’d be hard not to spot this candy bar. So, who’s ready for an adventure?!

Time to spot a bright pink and rainbow packaged unicorn candy bar. Because come to think of it, unicorn flavoring is even more special than an actual unicorn, especially when it’s in chocolate form!

[h/t: Hello Giggles]