Vampire Hedgehogs Are The Cutest Critters You’ll See Online This Halloween

If vampire hedgehogs aren’t already taking over your Instagram feed, then there are a few accounts you need to follow immediately—especially considering they’re the cutest of the fanged critters you’ll see online this Halloween.

Vampire hedgehogs are not a breed but rather a nickname for a type of hedgehog with a distinct look to them. They seem to have first gained notoriety when Sir Huff the Hedgehog, also known as Sir Hodge Huffington The Cricket Slayer, popped up on Instagram. This little guy living in Utah gained quite a following on social media, and it’s all because of his adorable little fangs.

“All hedgehogs have little sharp teeth like Huff,” Carolyn Parker, Huff’s human, told The Huffington Post. “It seems his may be a little more pronounced. But for the most part, I just try to get pictures that show off that cute feature.”

Hedgehogs can actually have up to 44 tiny teeth, with their front two teeth being considerably larger than the rest, according to the site Hedgehog Headquarters.

Even though these fanged teeth are common amongst hedgehogs, that hasn’t stopped people online from being mesmerized by these tiny creatures—probably because most of us never knew these unique teeth existed!

Since Huff became popular in 2016 before passing away, even more social media accounts for vampire hedgehogs have emerged online.

Some are in costume:

Miss Pippa the hedgehog lets her vampire-like teeth show from time to time:

There’s also Hazelnut the hedgehog, who makes for one cute little vampire:

Some think vampire hedgehogs even rival the vampires in “Twilight”:

If you can’t get enough of these quill-covered creatures, make sure you follow all of the vampire hedgehogs of Instagram just in time for Halloween! It’s always bats and black cats who get all the credit for being spooky, so now it’s time for vampire hedgehogs to get their due.