Vans is selling the prettiest glittery pink sneakers

Just in case you weren’t aware, Vans has some excellent shoe options for the entire family, but there’s one pair in particular that’s worth mentioning. The Lurex Glitter SK8-Hi Reissue sneaker comes in a pink, glittery color, and if you haven’t seen it while perusing the Vans site before, allow me to introduce you.

Pretty pink sneaker, meet your new (likely) owner — because there’s no way you’d be able to pass up a purchase after laying eyes on these babies:


These sneakers retail for $70 and come in both kids and adult sizes. Who says adults outgrow their love of glittery sneakers, after all?!

Perhaps the best news of all is the fact that there are plenty of glitter-filled options where this one came from on the Vans website. They also offer the pink glitter in a low-cut “old skool” sneaker:


This pair retails for $65, and it comes in silver sparkle, too:


Of course, it’s not surprising to find shoe options from Vans, as the brand has put out lots of unique, colorful shoes in the past. Who could forget these sunset-inspired shoes, which were released in the spring?


Just beautiful, aren’t they?

If glitter is what you’re into, then you’re in luck! You can find sparkling shoe options from several retailers.

There’s this multi-colored pair for kids from J. Crew, for example. Retailing for only $32.99, they couldn’t be cuter if they tried:

J. Crew

This rose gold pair of slip-ons from TOMS practically glistens. They are available for $59.95 in women’s sizes:


A slightly more subtle version comes from Aldo at DSW in two color options — one in iridescent white and the other in multicolor. This pair ranges in price from $59.95 to 74.99, depending on the color:


Any one of these glittery sneakers will be comfy, cute additions to your footwear collection. So, get ready to sparkle and shine with every step you take!