Viral videos of 2 golden retrievers have people fully invested in their ‘Romeo and Juliet’ romance

Two golden retriever dogs sit together by lake

A recent video showing a lovelorn golden retriever in a high-rise apartment is warming hearts, garnering millions of likes and thousands of comments so far.

Posted by @PawbreyDrakeGraham on TikTok in September, the short clip shows an adorable, fluffy pup looking attentively out the window of its owner’s apartment. Sam Smith’s “Like I Can” plays as the human lets the dog out onto the balcony.

That’s when we get the grand reveal: There’s another golden retriever a floor or two down, also outside, who looks up at the camera at the last moment. So cute!

Here’s the vid, which came with the caption, “Should they meet?”


Should they meet? #goldenretriever #fyp #lovestory #puppylove

♬ Like I Can – Sam Smith

What do you think? I offer an unequivocal, “YES!”

Other videos reveal that the main dog’s name is Aubrey and she lives in Orange County, California, with her two humans. And guess what? She finally met her downstairs neighbor in a second “Romeo and Juliet” clip!

Appropriately set to Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” the sequel video shows Aubrey greeting her “crush.” Turns out his name is Bruno and he appeared to be so excited to meet a new friend, while Aubrey is about to snap her leash when she gets close to the fence he’s behind. See for yourself:


Part 2 of my golden retriever’s love story! Thanks @victorhpena for letting us visit Bruno 🥰 #lovestory #fyp #goldenretriever #puppylove

♬ Love Story (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

Looks like Aubrey’s long-distance crush likes her back! A love story, indeed.

It’s not all treats and tail-wags in the O.C., though. Another video, posted Nov. 7, shows a concerning twist in this feel-good story.

“My golden retriever didn’t get invited to a doggy party,” reads the onscreen text in this third clip. It has Aubrey looking out her window again, but this time she’s listening to Adele — a major warning sign of a broken heart. Her tail is also not wagging.

The camera then shows the scene below: Balloons, humans and a happy pup. Is that … Bruno?


Would you invite her? #goldenretriever

♬ Easy On Me – Adele

It is! Oh, no.

“Bruno has some explaining to do,” wrote one of the commenters.

Despite this possible rift in their relationship, here’s hoping they can patch things up with a few sniffs and play bows. We’re rooting for you, Aubrey.

[H/t: Newsweek]

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