Glitter Cappuccinos Are The Newest—And Prettiest—Coffee Trend

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Glitter cappuccinos will soon be taking over your Instagram feed and if you’re lucky enough to try one for yourself—this sparkly beverage is bound to make your mornings much better.

Australian chain Coffee By Di Bella, which has locations in Mumbai, is reportedly responsible for the latest viral coffee trend. They posted a photo of their sparkly creation, and it’s gotten quite a bit of attention online. Because as you might imagine, it’s hard to ignore something this shiny!

Apparently, they’re not the only cafe serving up glittery drinks. Melbourne in Lichfield, a coffee shop in England, is also making these unique caffeinated creations.

The reactions on social media seem to be a bit mixed. There are some who would gladly pick up this coffee on their way to work in the morning.

Some people think this sparkling coffee would make their lives complete.

But others are taking a hard pass on shimmery coffee.

No matter how you feel about drinking these sparkly beverages, you’ve got to admit—they’re pretty. We think they’re worth having at least once, if only to post on Instagram!

There may not be any coffee shops in America serving glitter cappuccinos just yet, but if this is anywhere near as good as the trendy unicorn frappuccino, we have a feeling you’ll find one in your neck of the woods very soon.

In the meantime, you can create similar drinks right at home. All you need is some edible glitter to bring this caffeinated, shimmering drink to life.

These silver stars are only $5.99, and they would be oh-so-cute in your coffee.


And this fun pink version sells for $6.49.


If you’re looking to recreate a sparkly drink at home, this DIY version of Unicorn Hot Chocolate is for you! It has everything you could ever want from a drink—rainbow colors, marshmallows and edible glitter (a party in your mouth!).

You can also make your own edible glitter instead of buying it, so that you can easily top your coffee, doughnuts and more with safe-to-eat sparkles.

The sooner you add some shimmer to your cup of joe, the better. Once you do, mornings are sure to be amazing!