Try A Different Whiskey Every Day In December With This Whiskey Advent Calendar

Somewhere along the way, Christmas became a holiday for kids.

Take Advent calendars, which are most often cardboard creations offering daily doses of stale chocolate passable only to kids’ undiscerning palates.

Then one company realized, Hey, the adults need to have some fun. What if we put alcohol behind the doors? 

Meet The Whisky Advent Calendar

Drinks by the Dram created this boozy calendar, and behind each door is a different sample of whiskey. For every day in December, adults can open the door and find a shot (actually 30 milliliters, or three-quarters of a shot) of whiskey.

Drinks by the Dram offers four classic whisky calendars, each at a different price point starting at around $200 and heading up into the thousands: The Whisky Advent Calendar, The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar, The Old And Rare Whisky Advent Calendar and The Very Old And Rare Whisky Advent Calendar (which comes in a special handmade lacquered wood box and costs a cool $13,000).

If you’re thinking, hey you spelled “whisky” wrong, you’re right — and wrong. While the spirit that comes from Ireland and the U.S. is called “whiskey,” the Scottish version is spelled without the “e.” Hence, the word whisky.

Besides these calendars, Drinks by the Dram have even more calendars containing the finest whiskeys (and whiskies), like bourbon, scotch, Glenfarclas whiskies, Japanese whiskies, Irish whiskeys, American whiskeys, and “boutique-y whiskey companies.”

Or If Whisky’s Not Your Thing

And if you don’t like whiskey, no matter how it’s spelled, there’s gin, rum, tequila, vodka, mezcal and absinthe calendars for you to choose from as well.

Like I mentioned, these spirit-filled Advent calendars don’t come cheap. The whisky versions start at around $156.35 at and go up from there. The vodka Advent calendar is the spirited cheapest of the calendars at $107.79.

Looking for a less pricey option (or think a month’s worth of booze is a touch too much?), Drinks By The Dram also sells tasting sets. You can take home this five-sample Regions of Scotland Whisky Tasting Set for around $30.

More Of A Beer Or Wine Drinker?

Spirits aren’t your thing? Never fear! There are beer and wine Advent calendars out there, too.

Now, isn’t it time you took back December for some adult fun?

Updated 11/12/18.