Dreams Do Come True: Whole Foods Is Opening A Mac And Cheese Bar

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. There’s no denying that after a long, stressful day, nothing quite hits the spot like a creamy, decadent bowl of mac and cheese. Now one Whole Foods location is taking our obsession to a new level and launching their first-ever mac and cheese bar.

Yes, lucky residents of Denver, Colorado will soon be able to take advantage of a bar serving a variety of mac and cheese options, including classic, roasted tomato, barbecue pulled pork and a vegan version at the new Union Station Whole Foods location.

To really drive home the point that cheese is amazing, the location will also feature a 100-pound tower display made entirely out of cheese and handcrafted by local vendors.

People on social media are reacting to the news with exactly the level of enthusiasm you’d expect over a dedicated mac and cheese bar. For example, this woman, who is actually a registered dietitian but obviously has no problem with cheat days, is already looking for her “drawstring pants”:

This guy is clearly worried about how he’s going to resist the temptation to visit the bar on a daily basis:

This woman thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to move across the country if need be to get access to the amazing new addition:

Whole Foods’ mac and cheese bar is set to open Nov. 15, so if you live in the area (or are ready to book a flight to Denver for the occasion—no judgment!), you may want to start a diet now to compensate for all the cheesy goodness you’ll be consuming.

If mac and cheese if not your thing (first, check your pulse), the new location will also have plenty of other dining options, including a poke bar and offerings from local cafes and restaurants.

Here’s hoping Whole Foods expands the mac and cheese bar to locations everywhere!

[H/t Today]