Why This Heinz Super Bowl Commercial Of Dogs Dressed As Hotdogs Is Lighting Up The Internet

In just a few short days, millions of people will be clustered around their TV, not necessarily for the big game, but for the commercials between the whistle.

One of most-talked about topics every Super Bowl Sunday, advertisers and brands spend millions of dollars filming, producing and buying the rights to be able to showcase their ads.

And Heinz Ketchup has stepped up to the plate this year. Their 2016 ad opens up with hundreds of Weiner (dachshund) dogs running across a field…dressed in hot dog costumes. But who or what are they running to? People-sized condiments, of course.

It’s cute, it’s funny and it’s unique. The extended versions was released on January 31st and already has over 1.6 million video views.

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