Why Women Are Obsessed With This $52 Lipstick

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The search for long-wearing lipstick can sometimes feel neverending. So, when a lipstick that claims to be kiss-proof, drink-proof and more comes along, you’ve got to scoop it up, right?

Well, maybe. You see, this lipstick retails for up to $51.50. But, is it really worth it?

Lipsense is a product created by SeneGence, a direct sales company similar to Mary Kay or LuLaRoe. It claims to be long-wearing, waterproof, smudge-proof and kiss-proof.

If it lived up to all of these claims, it would make it the holy grail of lipsticks, which is likely why people may be willing to shell out the big bucks for it.

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You can go through the process of ordering the different LipSense products through their website, hunting down someone who sells it on Facebook or you can find it on Amazon.

Fans of the product have been sharing photos of themselves wearing the product on social media. Have a look to see for yourself what $52 lipstick looks like!



Prices vary when you shop from Amazon and folks in the comments section recommend you buy the gloss with the lipstick because it seals the product in. You may not experience the long-wearing power without it.

Based on the reviews on Amazon, folks seem to rave about just how long-wearing the product truly is.

“THIS STAYS PUT. Seriously. The first time I tried it, I went out to eat, sipped sodas, drank coffee…I forgot about it until I looked in the mirror later that evening to find that LipSense hadn’t faded or smeared AT ALL,” one person wrote.

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This pricey product is not free and clear of complaints, however. People seem to be mostly disappointed with the color (saying it’s not always the same as the pictures depict) and some have complained about the effects the product has on their lips.

“LipSense colors will sting when drying onto your lips. It’s not too bothersome to me, but beware. They contain a ridiculous amount of alcohols. That’s what stings. (btw, I use regular rubbing alcohol to remove LipSense, instead of paying for their remover.),” read one Amazon review.

YouTubers seems to like the long-lasting quality of these lippies, too.

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But even more important than the appearance is the safety of this product. A beauty writer for Refinery29 experienced severe dryness when she tried this product and wondered if it was good to use and if the dryness could be avoided through exfoliation.

“Overall this looks OK to me, but the high levels of denatured alcohol have the potential to cause skin dryness and irritation in the process of exfoliation,” dermatologist Joshua Zeichner told Refinery29. “However, you must be careful not to overly exfoliate. Dry, flaky skin—be it on the skin or on the lips—is lacking hydration and aggressive exfoliation can cause irritation and inflammation.”

It should be noted that you also need to buy the Oops! Lip Color Remover to help take off the long-lasting lipstick, which could be another source of possible irritation.

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So, are you willing to give an expensive lipstick (that may be drying and smell like alcohol) a try if it lives up to its promise of staying put for hours?