Why You Should Sleep In The Nude

When it comes to sleeping well, most of us already know to keep the room dark, get a comfortable mattress, and shut off electronics before bed. However, there may be one component of good rest that we are neglecting, and the answer might be as simple as taking off our clothes.

Maybe you already sleep in just your underwear, or perhaps you’re someone who gets decked out in full pajama garb, but either way, you may want to strip down for the sake of your health.

It might sound silly that sleeping naked could improve your wellness, but stripping down before bed can affect everything from your skin to your waistline. If you still need some convincing, here are six reasons why you should be sleeping sans clothing.

1. You’ll Sleep Better

For a better night’s rest, your body temperature needs to drop before going to bed – which is why so many health experts recommend turning on the A/C at night. Keeping your clothes on makes it more difficult for your body to attain this ideal temperature.

2. You’ll Decrease Stress

Because you’re not getting overheated in your sleep, this causes the stress hormone cortisol to drop. This can decrease your anxiety, and as a result, prevent cravings for unhealthy food and even weight gain. If going nude means less abdominal fat, why not take the easy road to weight loss?

3. You’re Less Likely To Sweat

Waking up in the middle of the night drenched in your own sweat is no way to sleep comfortably, and you can avoid this by ditching your clothes altogether. This will help save you some laundry to do later on, and it will also help keep your skin smooth and clear by preventing any breakouts.

4. You Can Skip Your Morning Shower

If you’re in a rush in the morning, you won’t have to rinse off because your body will have stayed cool all night. Although it’s important to cleanse, daily showers aren’t necessary, and they’re much less important if you haven’t trapped moisture on your skin all night.

5. You’ll Save Money

Not wearing clothes to bed means you don’t need pajamas. You’ll spend less money on clothes and also on laundry. You also will use be able to cut down on using the air conditioning, which can save you a few pennies.

6. It Keeps Your Sex Organs Healthy

Sleeping in the nude can actually decrease the chance of yeast infections for women, as yeast grows better in warmer, moist conditions. For men, their testes stay at a cooler temperature, which makes it a more ideal environment for healthy sperm.