Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Skimping On Your New Year Fitness Plan

The definition of what it means to be “beautiful” changes year over year. I, myself, make a resolution every January to eat better, exercise more and carve off a few pounds from the holidays.

Wanting to fit into what society believes is the “ideal” body type is exhausting. Raise your hand if you’re with me.

Thankfully, the people over at Buzzfeed get it, and gave me a major confidence boost with their video. They created a short film that shows how the “ideal” body type has drastically changed over the years – and by societal standards.

And interestingly, as each model poses, you’ll notice they all appear to be self-conscious of some part of their body. Whether this was because the director instructed them to do so, or the models literally weren’t comfortable in their own skin, it’s comforting.

So when you have those negative thoughts of your cellulite, saggy arms, or droopy tush, squash them out – and remind yourself – the “thigh gap” isn’t going to last forever.