Making clothes for chickens earns this woman $50K a year

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What started out as a school project for Julie Baker and her daughter has turned into a full-blown career.

The New Hampshire resident makes $50,000 a year making clothing for chickens. That’s one seriously unique career!

Baker started by just making fashionable-looking diapers for pet chickens — but now her company, Pampered Poultry, has gone on to add tutus, dresses and feather guards to its selection.

Why, you may ask, would chickens need these accessories? The diapers and feather guards serve practical purposes, of course, but the tutus and dresses are just plain fun!

Check out some of Baker’s best designs below because this is honestly something you have to see to believe:

Chicken Diapers

“Our chicken diapers are not just for the fashion obsessed hen. They offer you and your home protection against the inevitable!” the Pampered Poultry website states. “Our diapers fit comfortably and allow you to enjoy your birds in the house or car without worry!”

Pampered Poultry

You can shop the diapers, which come in a variety of designs, for $17.95 each.

Pampered Poultry

Feather Guards

As for the company’s feather guards, those are for the hen’s protection. You can get one for $8.95-$9.95.

Pampered Poultry

“Our feather guards fit comfortably around the hen’s wings and protects their back from feather pecking,” the company’s website states.

Pampered Poultry

Diaper Dresses

As far as more formal attire for that chicken in your life is concerned, Baker sells some adorable diaper dresses on the Pampered Poultry website.

They range in price from $11.95-$28.95 each.

This daisy-print dress retails for $27.95:

Pampered Poultry

Peep Pouches

Yep, there’s even clothing for little baby chicks.

They’re called peep pouches and they are flat-out adorable.

“Holding fragile, wiggly chicks can be tricky,” according to the website. “Our soft, comfortable pouch is designed to keep the chick snuggle safely inside, helping to prevent accidental dropping or squishing. Bonus — keeping the loving admirer clean!”

These retail for $11.95.

Pampered Poultry

The clothing comes in a range of sizes so, whether your chickens are small, medium or large, you can find the perfect outfit for them!

Chicken pet owners may also be happy to know that there’s a way to make DIY sweaters for chickens, thanks to an online tutorial from


Because you’d surely want to keep your chickens warm in the winter!

Pair a homemade sweater with a diaper from Pampered Poultry and your chickens will stay warm, dry and stylish.

If you’re not currently dressing your chickens — you may want to consider it. They’re just too cute with tiny tutus and dresses on!

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