Would You Swim In This Glass-Bottomed Pool Suspended 500 Feet In The Air?

Apartment complexes have been upping their pool game in recent years, offering residents access to some cool infinity pools, lazy rivers and waterslides. Now, a “sky pool” at a luxury apartment complex in Texas has made all the others look like kiddie pools.

The granddaddy of apartment pools has taken residence in Market Square Tower, which is a newly built luxury complex in downtown Houston. Its high-in-the-sky pool is suspended 500 feet in the air on the building’s 40th floor. But where it gets really crazy? A glass-bottomed portion of the pool hangs out over the street.


The apartment took a video, which shows the vantage point from the pool. Depending on how you feel about heights, you’re either giving this a dismissive “Nope!” or an enthusiastic “When can I sign the lease?”

From a street-level view, swimmers sort of look like they are creatures in an aquarium, yes?


Market Square Tower started gaining a lot of attention for its pool after posting a video of it on Instagram.

Philip Schneidau—with Woodbranch Management, which has Market Square Tower in its portfolio—told KHOU 11 News the pool was inspired by one in Dubai.

“We thought it would be a unique feature and, in fact, it has gotten a huge amount of attention,” he told the news station.

For those who are a little freaked out, there is a safety feature: a Plexiglass overhang that’s 8 inches thick keeps you from swimming over the edge.

The developers are calling the sky pool the highest pool in Texas.

Rent in the newly debuted complex ranges from $2,000 to $15,000 per month.

The other amenities look pretty amazing, too: basketball court, movie theater, a poker suite and a golf simulator. Plus, there are plans for an on-site grocery store in 2017.

We can’t imagine residents ever wanting to peel themselves away from home.