Yes, there’s a lipstick that tastes like Nutella

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Nutella may be your favorite thing to spread on a piece of bread, dip strawberries into and more, but what if we told you there was a way you could incorporate it into your beauty routine? You’d be all ears, right? That’s what we thought.

Well, good news Nutella lovers! Nutella-flavored lipsticks actually exist—so get ready to celebrate your love of that hazelnut taste in the most adult way possible.

We’re sure you’re familiar, but on the off chance you’re not, Nutella is a spread, similar to peanut butter, that is made using hazelnuts, cocoa and other ingredients. According to the official website, Nutella was originally created as the answer to a problem—a cocoa shortage that came about after World War II. The Nutella recipe relied mostly on hazelnuts and only needed a little of the rare cocoa to get the delicious flavor we’ve come to know and love.

Now, thanks to a brand called Beauty Bakerie, you can smear Nutella all over your lips without any shame (or fear of smudging!). The brand has created a matte liquid lipstick that supposedly smells just like Nutella, but is way, way more wearable.

The line is called, appropriately, Nude-Tella.

Beauty Bakerie

The lippies come in four color options, ranging from light pink to deep brown. And according to Elite Daily, the shades are meant to be way more inclusive than your typical “nude” color options. Beauty Bakerie’s founder told the publication, “The inspiration behind creating the Nude-Tella matte lip whip line came from wanting to reduce frustration with representation. So I wanted to create a product line that provides nudes for everyone.”

Beauty Bakerie

All four lipsticks are sold together in a set for $60.

These lip colors may smell amazing, but it’s important to note that these should be enjoyed for their scent and not their taste. Due to the ingredients in most cosmetics, it’s best to avoid ingesting makeup products. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy getting a whiff of yummy Nutella as long as these colors are coated on your lips!

When it comes to flavored makeup, there’s plenty where this came from. Lip Smacker is known for creating soda-flavored lip balms and more. You can snag a pack of their flavor varieties on Amazon.

Target also carries your favorite candies in the form of lip balms. You can find everything from Hershey’s Kisses to Twizzlers in this pack.


Whether you’re smearing the stuff on a croissant or enjoying the scent of it in your makeup, there’s no wrong way to add more Nutella to your life. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on Nutella products for your beauty bag (and get some in your pantry while you’re at it). The more hazelnut spread you have on-hand, the better, if you ask us.