Yoplait just released Starburst-flavored yogurt


First there were yogurt-covered Skittles, and now there’s Starburst-flavored yogurt!

Yoplait has teamed up with the candy line to create a four-flavor, limited-edition line of yogurt.

Yoplait confirmed the new release in posts on Instagram and Facebook, writing, “Yes, it’s really happening! Introducing new Yoplait Starburst Original Style Yogurt! Available in Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon and Orange.”


The extra juicy yogurts have begun making their debuts in select markets, with Yoplait promising a wider rollout in January.

Many of the comments left on the posts have positive, with people weighing in on which flavors would sell out first. The verdict: strawberry might be the most popular in theory.

One Facebook poster seemed to reflect a lot of Starburst fans’ thoughts when she said, “I’m eating yogurt for the rest of my life now!”

Another Facebook commenter, who said she worked for Yoplait parent company General Mills, added, “This literally tastes like an actual starburst — can’t wait to see these on the shelves.”

The Starburst Yoplait line was spotted already in a Southern California grocery store, Ralph’s.


Others have reported finding it at Food 4 Less, Kroger and Giant Food Stores.

If you don’t mind seeing a guy in a bathtub giving food reviews, you can watch a firsthand taste test of Yoplait Starburst’s strawberry flavor by Reviews from the Tub. Reviewer Ryan says it’s very pink in color and has an “almost too sweet” Starburst flavor.

Yoplait is also releasingunicorn” Go-Gurts in Raspberry and Rainbows and Strawberry Banana Sparkle flavors. We’re wondering how something tastes of sparkle or rainbows but we’ll soon find out Yoplait’s take on it.

And among other unusual flavors in the Yoplait line is a current release of Dunkin’ donut-flavored yogurts in Boston Kreme Donut, Apple Fritter, French Vanilla Latte and Cinnamon Coffee Roll.

What say you? Would you eat these offbeat yogurt flavors or are you a traditionalist?

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