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You Can Buy Gin And Tonic Popsicles Just In Time For Summer

Adults need some frozen fun, too.

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Boozy popsicles are the world’s way of making up for the fact that adults don’t get summers off. Sure, you might not be able to enjoy a lazy summer of bike rides, swimming and tree climbing, but you can make up for it with a chilly alcoholic popsicle — so it evens out, right?

And now, gin and tonic popsicles are making boozy popsicle season even sweeter. U.K. adult popsicle company POPS just revealed their latest flavor, Gin and Lime, and it sounds delicious. Made with real lime juice and Gordon’s London Dry Gin, these popsicles taste like your favorite cocktail, but with a low ABV (alcohol per volume) of .5.

Now here’s for the bad news. These pops are only available in the U.K., so unless you have a Floo Network like they do in “Harry Potter” and you use it to pop over for a quick shop at Tesco, you’re out of luck here in the States.

Not to worry. There are plenty of boozy popsicles here in America for you to enjoy, including Slim Chiller’s Skinny Freezers, which are so named because they only pack 100 calories per pop. And these pops aren’t made with inferior liquors.

“Our Skinny Freezers uses only 8 times distilled, Triple Filtered, Vodka; along with select, carefully balanced flavors and ingredients to create the best tasting Frozen Vodka Martini in 4 outstanding flavors!” states the Slim Chiller website.

Costco carries this product line, which includes the delicious flavors Lemon Drop, Cosmopolitan, Appletini and Watermelon Lemonade. At 8 percent ABV, these pack MUCH more of a boozy punch than the U.K. POPS version, so just be sure the kiddos don’t get their hands on these!

You might also consider making your own boozy pops at home. Don’t worry. It’s much easier than it sounds. All you need is a good popsicle mold kit (such as this colorful option on Amazon).


Then try one of these easy recipes for boozy popsicles. Gather the ingredients, blend, chill — and then invite your friends over for an adult summertime celebration.