You can groom your pets with this vacuum attachment


OK. You’ve done your research about removing pet hair from your clothes when they’re in the wash. You’ve purchased the best vacuum money can buy to clean your carpets. But if you really want to get the job done right, you’ve got to get the right tool for the job. And this vacuum attachment lets you do just that — without making a bigger mess.

The Dyson Groom Tool easily attaches to Dyson upright and canister vacuum cleaners and removes hair directly from your cat or dog. All you have to do is brush your animal’s coat with this attachment. You’ll be able to see how well it’s working instantly, as the bristles gather any loose hairs and keep them contained. And once you’ve given your pet a good all-over brushing, you can suck the hair directly into the vacuum cleaner.

This video from the Dyson YouTube channel demonstrates just how easy it is to use this grooming tool:

Now you can clean your home and your pet all in one fell swoop!

The Dyson Groom Tool is carried at retailers such as Amazon and Target for $69:


Those who have tried it have great things to say about it — at least once they get their animals used to the idea of having a brush that’s attached to a loud machine tame their mane. According to reviews, this tool really does suction up hair as well as it claims to:

“The dog was a little weirded out at first, but now he relaxes and enjoys it,” one customer wrote on the Target website. The hair does pop right off and get sucked into the vacuum.”

If you don’t have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, there are similar attachments available from other brands. For example, the Furminator FurVac vacuum accessory is designed to fit most vacuum cleaners and is available for just $16.58 on Amazon:


Pet owners sang praises of this tool, too, noting that it’s great for bi-weekly upkeep, which might mean you spend more time vacuuming your dogs and cats and less time vacuuming the entire house!

“I use this contraption twice a week,” an Amazon review reads. “I have noticed there are less tumbleweeds and dog hair in my house. The struggle is not so real now. BUY THIS!!!!”

Another highly rated product from Amazon is this shop vac grooming tool, which is designed to fit as a wand extension on a 1-1/4-inch hose or wand end. It’s available for $7.98 on Amazon:


According to the reviews, the only potential issue with this product is your dog or cat’s tolerance for loud vacuums so you may need to test out how well they react to the sound before trying it out.

“I LOVE this thing!” one satisfied pet owner wrote on Amazon. “I have a German Shepherd (AKA ‘German Shedder’) and once a year she has her yearly molt. There is hair *everywhere*! I wanted something to attach to my Shop Vac to help pull the hair out and keep it contained and this is perfect. My dog happens to love being vacuumed, though, so if your dog is afraid of vacuums or loud noises, it may not work for you.”

What do you say? Will you be trying this method to keep the shedding at bay?

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