You can now buy instant iced latte with cold foam at the grocery store

Iced latte foam packages in three flavors
Maxwell House

Cold foam lattes have been gaining popularity since Starbucks began offering cold foam as a topping for their iced coffee drinks in 2018.

Now, Maxwell House has created their own version, offering a new Iced Latte with Foam drink in grocery stores nationwide. The new coffee drink comes in vanilla, hazelnut and caramel and is available in individual pouches that only require you to pour it over iced water and stir.

The pouches then turn your water into a “thick, creamy and flavorful coffee” either at home or on the go, without the use of any special equipment you’d find at a cafe. You’ll find a box of six pouches for $6.99 in grocery stores nationwide now or on Amazon for $7.99.

Maxwell House

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While Maxwell House says the new latte is the first-ever “foaming agent” in grocery stores, both Nescafé and Reddiwhip have previously launched different foaming products.

Nescafé’s Cold Whipped Latte hit stores in 2018 and was a bottled beverage that created foam when shaken, while Reddi-wip Sweet Foam was introduced in 2019 as a topping for your favorite beverage. While Nescafé’s product is no longer available, you can still get Reddi-wip’s sweet foam in stores nationwide.


If you want something even more unique and haven’t tried the dalgona coffee trend that was popular in 2020, you may want to give it shot.

The whipped coffee is made by mixing instant coffee with sugar and water, then spooning it over milk. You can use either a hand mixer or a frother and any milk — dairy, almond, oat, whatever you prefer.

Glasses of Dalgona whipped coffee on tray

If you’d rather have simple iced coffee, Maxwell House also has Iced French Vanilla Latte packets that you use the same way as the new foaming drink. You’ll also find a similar iced coffee product from Dunkin’, while Folgers offers packets of instant hot coffee.

Do you prefer a simple cup of coffee or do you like to make your drinks extra fancy?

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