Hershey’s Kisses Just Revealed Their First New Seasonal Flavor In 10 Years

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A lot of seasonal treats make the holidays extra special, but personally, there has always been something magical about a cup of hot chocolate. Homemade or even just a quick cup in the microwave, nothing beats a steaming mug of cocoa in front of the fire while the snow falls outside.

Of course, we can’t just spend the entire holiday season drinking hot chocolate while watching holiday movies. This year, however, Hershey’s Kisses is filling that hot-chocolate void, unveiling their newest seasonal flavor in 10 years — Hot Cocoa Hershey’s Kisses!


The new hot-cocoa Kisses combine a marshmallow-flavored creme center with the traditional Hershey’s milk chocolate shell, so each bite tastes like you’re drinking a cup of hot cocoa topped with a gooey marshmallow.



They’re available nationwide, and you can already buy them on Amazon, but they’ll only be around for a limited time through the holiday season. Undoubtedly they’ll make for a great stocking stuffer. Since they’re portable, you can also enjoy the taste of cocoa anytime you want.

If you’re more of a peppermint lover when the holidays roll around, don’t fret. Hershey’s will still have their candy cane Kisses, which combine white chocolate and crunchy pieces of peppermint candy. (They’re also a perfect topping for all kinds of baked goods over the holidays.)

candy cane kiss photo
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Hot chocolate must be in the air this season because M&M’s just came out with Hot Cocoa M&M’s. Like the Kisses, these little candies also have a marshmallow center … and we can’t think of a reason not to try both.

Other Sweet News To Celebrate

If you have a sweet tooth (or Hershey’s Kisses just aren’t your thing), then you’ll probably love this news from 3 Musketeers candy bars. The company just released a birthday cake candy bar, the first new flavor from the brand in six years.

Instead of the usual light, chocolate-flavored nougat, 3 Musketeers birthday cake flavor features vanilla-flavored nougat and colorful sprinkles, all covered in milk chocolate. Plus, the wrapper is pretty fun, too:

Mars Inc.

The fun candy bar flavor is currently only available at Walmart. It will roll out nationally in January 2019 and be available in a share-size bar and miniatures.

Are you excited to give any of this new candy a try?