Zappos offers to cover funeral costs for victims of Vegas shooting

Las Vegas-based online retailer Zappos is offering to cover the cost of the funerals for all 58 victims that died in the Route 91 mass shooting.

This comes after Zappos has already pledged to match up to $1 million dollars donated to their fundraiser. So far the retailer has raised more than $411,000 through the crowd-funding initiative.

Zappos offer to cover funeral costs is a separate initiative, however, and would be funded entirely by the company.

Zappos made Las Vegas their home several years ago and they’re showing that they will go above and beyond the call of duty to help victims gain peace after this tragedy.

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More Heartwarming Stories Emerge From Las Vegas

The stories of the heroes who risked their own lives for others during and after the Las Vegas shooting started to come out in the days following the attack. As the world tried to make sense of the scope of the loss, other individuals and organizations like Zappos stepped up to help out and make a difference.

Here are a few more of those heartwarming stories.

1. Las Vegas Hospital Vows To Cover Victims’ Hospital Bills

Several Las Vegas hospitals took in victims during the tragic event without knowledge of insurance or finances, as they should, and at least one of the Las Vegas hospitals has decided to cover the hospital bills for victims with others saying they will be “extremely sensitive” to the financial status of victims.

Mass Shooting At Mandalay Bay In Las Vegas
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2. Celine Dion Donates Concert Proceeds To Victims

Celine Dion has had multiple residencies at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, making it her home for a number of years. So the shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival struck a deep chord with the Grammy-winning singer.

Before the start of her Oct. 3 show—her first performance after the shooting—she appeared on stage to deliver a moving message and announced that proceeds would go to the victims of the senseless attack.

“After Sunday night’s incredibly tragic event, all of us here find ourselves asking a similar question: For you, it’s ‘Do we still go to Celine’s show on Tuesday night, only two days after the nightmare?'” she said. “For me, it’s ‘Can I still do my show? Should I still do my show, only two days after the nightmare?’ These are difficult questions, but I want you to know that you have made the right choice in being here tonight, and the reason that I decided to do this show so soon is more than to just sing. It is to show love and support for those who are affected.”

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3. Marine Who Stole A Truck To Save Victims Get A Generous Reward

Taylor Winston’s Marine Corps training came in handy when gunfire rained down on a country musical festival in Las Vegas on Oct. 1. The former Marine did what he had to do to help save lives that night—which happened to involve stealing a truck.

Taking a vehicle that happened to have the keys in it allowed Winston to help get over 30 injured people to the hospital much faster than the first responders. But not to worry — the 29-year-old returned the truck to its rightful owner as soon as he was finished saving lives.

To thank Taylor Winston for his efforts, a car dealership called B5 Motors gifted him with a brand-new truck of his own.

Here he is picking it out. The dealer thanks Winston for being “a good example to my kids, myself.”

While there’s kind gesture or heroic tale that could ever erase the loss of life in the Las Vegas shooting, it helps to see so many people stepping up to help in the wake of the tragedy.

Written by Kel Dansby for KNTV with additional reporting from Simplemost staff.