11 DIY Popsicle Recipes To Cool You Down This Summer

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Popsicles are a great summertime treat, and sure, they’re easy enough to buy at the store, but they’re also not difficult to make at home.

The best thing about DIY-ing your own popsicles is that you get to have a little more freedom with the flavors. Want to mix cucumber, agave and mint? Well, you can do just that!

These 11 DIY popsicle recipes will show you the perfect flavor combos for summer. So, get those molds out (or buy some here), and you’ll have some homemade popsicles coming right up!

1. Vanilla, Apricot & Bourbon

With bourbon in the mixture, this is sure to be a hit among the adults this summer. Because you’re never too old to enjoy a popsicle, right? Get the recipe.

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2. Watermelon, Lime & Ginger

This fruity mixture is light and refreshing. Having one of these in your hand will be a great way to cool down on a hot summer’s day. Get the recipe.

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3. Cucumber, Agave & Mint

Who said your smoothies had to come in a glass? You can have it in popsicle form, too! Get the recipe.

Jens Mortensen/Real Simple

4. Blueberries & Cream

There’s nothing quite like fresh blueberries in the summertime. Add a little cream and sugar and you’ve got yourself one delicious treat. Get the recipe.

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5. Yogurt Parfait

You can even have popsicles for breakfast this season. I mean, why not? Especially when they’re loaded with yogurt, fruit and granola. Summer has its perks, doesn’t it? Get the recipe.

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6. Coconut Vanilla

Creamy coconut milk, coconut flakes and vanilla paste combine for one tropical treat. Flavors this good will make you feel like you’re on vacation! Get the recipe.

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7. Coconut Water & Fresh Berries

Berries are even prettier when they’re suspended in coconut water. These are great all summer long, but will help you ring in the Fourth of July in the most festive way possible, at the very least. Get the recipe.

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8. Neapolitan

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla? Now that’s one heck of a flavor combo. Plus, these are made with yogurt, making them a healthier alternative to ice cream. Get the recipe.

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9. Cookies & Cream

Whole milk, cool whip and Oreos combine into one popsicle, creating the perfect way to eat milk & cookies when it’s hot out! Get the recipe.

Wonky Wonderful

10. Coconut Mango

Mango chunks and pineapple juice come together in one layer while coconut milk, yogurt and sugar mix in another. Put these two together and you’ve got the ultimate creamy and fruity concoction. Get the recipe.

The Little Epicurean

11. Mango Chia

This recipe is as simple as it is delicious. All you need are some mango chunks, coconut water and chia seeds to bring this deliciousness to life. Get the recipe.

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Trust me, with these recipes on hand, you’ll never buy store-bought popsicles again!

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