12 Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Your Next Workout

Whether your hair is long or short, keeping pieces from falling out while doing those high-intensity moves is easier said than done.

When you work out, you’re hoping for a few things with your hair. You want it to:

  • Stay in place
  • Stay off of your neck
  • Look good with a little sweat in it

These 12 hairstyles will be great for your future fitness routines. You’ll notice a lot of braids, buns and ponytails in this round up, but that’s because these types of updos offer the best hold for your hair.

These tutorials will show you just how to look cute from the beginning of your workout to the end because who has time to worry about their hair when feeling the burn?

1. Braided Bun

If you’re running or doing a lot of cardio, you need more than just a top knot to keep your hair in place. Braiding those locks before twisting them into a bun will help the bun be more stable. Follow this tutorial.

Ma Nouvelle Mode

2. Double Bun

This is great for hair of all lengths, especially if you’re looking for a super cute and trendy way to keep your hair out of your face. Follow this tutorial.

3. French Braid Pontytail

Braiding your hair before pulling it into a ponytail will help keep any bangs or shorted pieces of hair from slipping out of the pony while moving around. Follow this tutorial.

Brit + Co

4. Braided Messy Bun

This hairstyle looks great. While won’t keep the hair off of your neck, but it will definitely keep it out of your face. It’s perfect for yoga class or lifting weights when you won’t be doing a whole lot of moving. Follow this tutorial.

Barefoot Blonde

5. High Ponytail

A high ponytail (with quite a few hair ties for thicker hair) is the perfect way to keep hair away from the back of your neck. If you plan on getting all worked up and breaking a sweat, this is the hairstyle that will help keep you cool. Follow this tutorial.

Screen shot 2016-01-10 at 5.14.14 PM

6. Headband Braid

If you’re just concerned about bangs falling in your face, pull them back into a simple braid that runs right along your hairline. Follow this tutorial.


7. Pull-Through Braid

This is an upgrade to just your average braid. It’s kind of a mix between a braid and a ponytail, but it’s going to be great for securing your hair and keeping it there. Follow this tutorial.


8. French Braid Pigtails

This look has a tough girl kind of vibe, and that’s exactly the kind of attitude you need going into your workout, don’t you think? Pull your hair into some French braided pigtails and get that kickboxing routine going. Follow this tutorial.

Total Beauty

9. Headband

Pulling your hair into your go-to hairstyle and adding a cloth headband (for comfort’s sake) is also a great way to pull your hair back. Plus, it’s super quick and easy so you can spend less time worrying about your hair and more time getting your fitness on. Follow this tutorial.

Pretty Designs

10. Head Crown Braids

Making a crown of braids around your hair is easy for all lengths. It’s a super cute, yet functional hairstyle, so you should definitely give it a try. Follow this tutorial.

Real Simple

11. Easy Messy Half Braid

This messy half braid is great for whatever type of exercise you’re doing because even if it falls out, it only enhances the look. It’s supposed to look messy, so don’t worry about it while you work out. Follow this tutorial.

The Beauty Department

12. Top Knot

Go on and yoga it up with your hair pulled taught in a top knot. You can downward dog all day, and that hair’s not going anywhere. Follow this tutorial.

Thyme Is Honey

Keep kicking butt this year and look even better while doing it because you’ve now got 12 new hairstyles to try out. I’m braiding mine as we speak… all that’s left to do is choose my workout.

[h/t: Brit + Co]