12 Healthy Desserts With All Of The Sweetness And Less Of The Sugar

Some of our favorite desserts are full of sugar, and if you’re on a healthy eating plan, that’s not a road you want to go down. But not all sweet treats have to be sugar-bombs. In fact, here’s 12 recipes for desserts that are tasty enough to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you in line with your fitness goals.

An after-dinner delight that you’ll actually enjoy eating awaits!

1. Low-Fat Cheesecake

Swapping the cream cheese for Greek yogurt and cottage cheese is a way to cut calories, but still get that wonderful texture of cheesecake. Get the recipe.

2. Banana Parfait

Sorbet topped with bananas and toasted coconut will make for the perfect healthy tropical-tasting treat. Get the recipe.

3. Layered Gelatin

Cranberry gelatin topped with layers of tangerine gelatin and yogurt is the most adult way you could ever enjoy this type of dessert. Somebody pass me a spoon! Get the recipe.

4. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Frozen strawberries and plain yogurt are the main ingredients for this super simple DIY frozen yogurt dessert. Simple and delicious? That’ll work for me! Get the recipe.

5. Fro-Yo Bark

Topping yogurt off with chocolate chips and strawberries is a great way to make a healthy alternative to other ice cream or chocolate desserts. Get the recipe.

6. Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is light and spongy, making it fun to eat, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy it may be. But, lucky for you, this is a low-calorie alternative to many other types of cakes. So, enjoy! Get the recipe.

7. Avocado Brownies

If a rich, chocolatey dessert that won’t ruin your diet is what you’re looking for, then avocado brownies are the way to go. Get the recipe.

8. Dark Chocolate Bark

Dark chocolate actually has quite a few health benefits, so load it up with fruit and nuts for an after-dinner snack that you won’t regret eating. Get the recipe.

9. Carrot Cake In A Mug

This single-serving low calorie treat is as simple as microwave and eat. There’s really no reason not to give it a try! Get the recipe.

10. Strawberry Chunk Ice Box Cake

This is like a decadent yogurt parfait that’s fruity, creamy and absolutely delicious. Why would you ever need to eat anything else for dessert? Get the recipe.

11. Banana “Ice Cream”

“Ice cream” that’s really made using a frozen banana is the way to go for healthy dessert-eating. Add in chocolate chips or other fruits if you’d like, and enjoy! Get the recipe.

12. Peach & Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake

Moist cake topped with peaches and blueberry is the healthiest alternative to pie that you’ll find. Top with some whipped cream and dig in! Get the recipe.

There’s no reason to skimp on dessert, especially when you could be enjoy these healthy alternatives that are just as delicious. Get to it — you’ve got some dessert to eat!