22 Way-Too-Cute Photos Of Cats Hanging Out With Dogs


We all know dogs are cuddly, so who wouldn’t want to sleep on or next to them? Apparently, cats and kittens agree, as you’ll soon see. Get ready for cuteness overload. Who says cats and dogs don’t get along? These 22 adorable partnerships definitely prove that theory wrong.

1. Aww, This Cat Looks Like It Found The Best Seat In The House

Yup, this cat seems to have chosen a very plush perch.


2. Naptime, Anyone?

As temperatures continue to drop, why not cuddle with the dog, right (even if he won’t share his blanket)?


3. At First Glance, You May Think This Dog Has A Patch Of White Fur… But No

Yes, that’s a cat sleeping on the dog.


4. Errands To Run? This Cat Looks No Further Than A ‘Husky’ Friend

Whether this cat wants a ride to a bowl of food or just across the yard, this Husky is on board to help accomplish the task at hand (or paw, as it were).


5. It Seems Like This Cat Has A Lot Of Places To Sleep, Given All The Land Behind Her… But Look At The Spot She Chose

Is your heart melting like ours?


6. Who Says Dog Beds Are Just For Dogs?

Not only are these two sharing a dog bed, but it also looks like the dog’s arm is around the cat. Too cute!


7. Yet More Proof That Dog Beds Can Work For Cats, Too

Here’s another example proving cats and dogs can share a bed just fine!


8. We Understand, It Was Hard For Us To Get Out Of Bed Today, Too!

If this picture doesn’t inspire you to get a cat or a dog (or go back to sleep), we don’t know what will!


9. Aside From Napping Together, Some Cats And Dogs Like To Play Hide-And-Seek

Although we can’t tell if the dog is hiding from the cat or likes being under the pillow, this picture’s still super cute.


10. Couch Fit For The Animal Kings Of The House

Room for everybody!


11. And Dogs Seem To Like Laying On Cats, Too…

Looks like these two had a good weekend.


12. It Can’t Be A Coincidence That These Two Match, Right?

And look at the way they’re touching paws… If you were having a bad day in the slightest, we hope this photo cured you!


13. This Weekend Was Perfect For Cuddling Up And Watching Movies, Right?

These two definitely agree!


 14. And We Can Probably All Relate To This—When Your Partner Falls Asleep, Mid-Movie…

… But you stay awake and insist on watching till the end.


15. This Weekend Was Also A Perfect Time To Visit Your New Friend’s Condo

After all, there’s nothing like scoping out your buddy’s new digs!


16. Or A Great Time To Check Out Your Pal’s New Scratching Post

Even if you’re as tall as it, so what, right?


 17. And Another Variation On The Scalp Massage—Can’t Forget The Ears

Here’s proof that making up is hard to do.


18. Sometimes You’re Caught Kissing!

Not much could be cuter than this picture! Not to mention that touching noses is definitely better than trying to bite the other one’s off.


19. Yet, Other Times, You Find Yourself Sharing A Bed Even When You Haven’t Been Getting Along

Happens to everyone, yes?


20. Here’s Not One, But Two Cats Sleeping With The Dog

Not only are both cats cuddling with the dog, but they’re even sharing their blanket.


21. Choices, Choices—Two Dogs To Cuddle With

Yup, this is one lucky cat.


22. This Looks Like The Obligatory Cat-And-Dog Selfie

Though we doubt the animals took this picture, it sure looks like a selfie, right? (And is way too cute for words.)


[h/t: Shareably]

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