56 New Emojis Are Headed To Your Phone Later This Year

Brace yourself—new emojis are coming!

Fifty-six new emojis will go live later this year when Unicode 10.0 is released by Unicode Consortium, the people who make texting way more fun. We got a sneak peak at these new emojis on Twitter earlier this year, but they will soon be on your keyboard for all your texts and social posts.

So, what can we expect? We’ll see more faces, including star-struck, a literal head exploding face and even a smiley with a monocle. (You know, for when you’re being an old-school detective… we guess?) And don’t forget mythical beings—we’ll get genies, zombies, mermaids, elves and fairies! We’ll also get gender-neutral characters and more skin tones.

Photo Courtesy: Emojipedia

There’s also an emoji that raises one eyebrow for use when you’re suspicious. This emoji might even be extra special after Mark Davis, the president of Unicode, tweeted that it is, in his opinion, “the Colbert emoji,” after Stephen Colbert.

Aside from people and magical creatures, we’ll also see more clothing and animals, and, of course, more food. How we’ve survived this long without a cut of meat or broccoli emoji, we do not know.

Photo Courtesy: Emojipedia

Anyone can submit an emoji proposal for consideration. It’s not simple, but if you have a genius idea, it’s totally worth it. Whoever has the job of choosing them, by the way, clearly has the best job ever.

Emojipedia says phones will see the emojis in mid-to-late 2017 (July-December). No word yet on when we can see hedgehog pool floats like the giant poop and eggplant ones we’ve  already been graced with.

For now, all we can do is wonder how long it will take for all of us to realize we’re using the new emojis wrong like we’ve probably all been doing with the current available faces.

You can find the full list of new emojis by clicking here.