6 Healthy Ways To Cleanse That Don’t Involve Juicing

Juice cleanses have been all the rage lately, but their efficacy has been widely contested. Although they might be helpful in getting otherwise unhealthy eaters to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet, there have been no studies to prove that drinking just juice detoxes your body. When it comes to cleansing, the best way to go is to eat whole and nutritious foods and ditch any sugar, processed foods, or chemicals that can cause a myriad of problems in your body.

For people who are interested in cleaning up their diet and giving their body a much needed break, you can opt for other, whole-food cleanses that kickstart healthy eating and help cut out the bad stuff. Instead of juicing, consider these six healthy ways to cleanse that don’t involve only liquids.

1. Cut Out Sugar

The simplest way to clear out your diet is to stay away from sugar. Eating too much of the sweet stuff not only hurts your waistline, but it can cause diabetes, liver failure, high blood pressure, and heart disease, among other problems. Start by not adding any sugar to your coffee or in your cooking, and begin paying attention to ingredient labels to avoid buying packaged foods that contain added sugar.

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2. Consume Only Whole Foods

Processed foods often contain minimal nutrients, and they can cause digestive problems, contain a high amount of sodium, and lead to issues such as obesity. Eating only whole foods can help alleviate these problems. Stick to fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and heart-healthy grains for an easy way to adapt clean eating habits without giving up chewable food.

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3. Ditch The Caffeine

Many people rely on their daily coffee for energy, and a little detox from the stimulant can help prevent caffeine withdrawal, clear up acid reflux, and even help prevent stomach aches. Gradually reducing the amount of caffeine you consume each week can help you avoid headaches and other withdrawal symptoms, so start off slow to avoid any negative side effects.

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4. Drink A Lot Of Water

Drinking plenty of water can help clean out your digestive tract, relieve constipation, and help with weight loss. Water helps you feel full for longer, rejuvenates your skin, and helps your kidney flush out toxins, so drink a glass first thing in the morning, before all your meals, and throughout the day to stay hydrated.

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5. Stay Away From Booze

One of the easiest toxins to cut out is alcohol. Just 30 days without any drinks can help diminish liver fat — the precursor to liver damage —lower glucose levels, and even help you lose weight. Replace your regular drink with another type of healthier liquid, and you may even find you sleep better as well.

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6. Go Veggie

Eating meals high in fresh fruits and vegetables is a healthier way to give your body a rest and support your digestive system than relying on a laxative or diuretic. Meat is harder to digest than vegetables, and even cutting out just a little bit of meat can improve your heart health, lower your risk of cancer, and help you lose weight.

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