This Alarm Clock App Wakes You Up With Puzzles

Getting out of bed in the morning is easier said than done. Because, let’s be honest, we all like an extra snooze or two after that first alarm goes off.

The easiest thing to do to help yourself wake up is to get out of bed the second the alarm goes off, fling open the curtains and let the sunshine in. Which sounds simple enough, but the struggle is real come morning time, and that’s where this app comes in.

The I Can’t Wake Up App is designed for all of those non-early risers. It works by engaging your brain as soon as the alarm goes off, making it very, very difficult to put your head down on the pillow and fall back to sleep. So, consider this the app equivalent of a strong cup of coffee.

Courtesy Kog Creations


According to the app’s website, you can program the alarm to provide you with a total of eight tasks in the morning. You won’t be able to turn off the alarm or keep the volume at a minimum unless you’re actively engaged and solving each puzzle.

Courtesy Kog Creations

And these aren’t just cute little Candy Crush-type games, either. This app takes waking up very seriously, and there are even some tasks that require that you physically get out of bed. For instance, there’s a bar code-scanning level where you have to scan the bar code of, say, your toothpaste or your breakfast cereal. And the alarm won’t shut off until you do.

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If you need some serious help waking up every day, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for. There will be no sleeping in once this app’s on your phone. But hey, just imagine how productive you’ll be with those extra minutes each morning!

Note: This app is available for both Android and iOS. It can be downloaded from Google Play or from the app store.