Ali Wong’s new Netflix special ‘Hard Knock Wife’ gets hilariously real on motherhood

Comedian Ali Wong was seven months pregnant in her first Netflix special, “Ali Wong: Baby Cobra,” which premiered in 2016. In it, she dished on all the joys and setbacks of pregnancy to hilarious effect. The expectant mother joked about how she couldn’t wait to be a stay-at-home mom when her child was born, fantasizing that her days would be filled with TV binge sessions and lunch out with her friends.

Now that Wong is the mom of a two-year-old, she humbly admits her ideas of what motherhood entailed were way off-base.

In her new special, “Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife,” which hit Netflix on Mother’s Day, she keeps it hilariously real about just how tough hanging out with a baby all day can be. The comedian uses her trademark no-holds-barred approach to explain how quickly she became disillusioned with the fantasy of stress-free motherhood, saying that she lasted only two months as a stay-at-home mom.

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“I like the stay at home part … not too crazy about the mom part,” Wong says. “I was stupid and naive and I thought that being a stay-at-home mom was about chillaxing, getting to sh*t in your own home, watch ‘Wendy Williams’ and go out to brunch with your sassy girlfriends.”

Like “Baby Cobra,” Wong was also very pregnant in fall 2017, when she filmed “Hard Knock Wife,” and she has since given birth to another baby girl.

Wong’s burgeoning career includes a regular role on ABC’s “American Housewife,” a movie in development with Netflix and an upcoming book of essays — not to mention her stand-up career.

Check out the trailer for “Hard Knock Wife” below, in which she jokes about the fact that her mom worries that Wong’s husband may leave her now that she’s the main breadwinner. Wong says she’s not worried about that, as she’s sure her husband is the type of man who wouldn’t turn down free money. (Warning: The trailer contains profanity.)

Now that she’s even more familiar with the pressures faced by working moms, Wong is critical of the double-standard when it comes to parental expectations for women.

“The idea that we are supposed to contribute income has evolved greatly since our moms’ generation — but the idea that men should share equal responsibility in child care has not evolved,” she recently told Elle. “Women who want to work and have families are, like, in this sh**ty zone right now, and then combined with there being no federal maternity leave policy … it’s just crazy.”

“Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife” is available to stream now on Netflix.