7 Yoga Poses You Can Do During Your Next Netflix Binge

When you’re binge watching your favorite TV shows, you aren’t necessarily thinking about your posture. This can lead to sore muscles, tired backs and even cramping.

So, instead of slumping on the couch, consider sitting in a yoga pose during your next Netflix binge and kill two birds with one stone. Because by properly aligning your body, you can help to keep your muscles stretched and feeling great.

It’s an easy, relaxing way to make the most out of your Netflix binge. Here are eight yoga poses that are perfect for your next TV session.

1. Staff Pose

This pose is easiest to do when propped against the end of your bed or side of the coach. Simply straighten your back, extend your legs, and place your palms flat against the floor. Make sure to keep your feet flexed in order to stretch your muscles.


2. Cow Face Pose

Here’s a pose that is great for stretching the arms and legs. Start by sitting up straight with your legs extended. From there, wrap one of your legs onto of the other, and then link your arms towards the middle of your back. Be sure to switch sides every so often to get the best stretch.


3. Hero Pose

Simply kneel with your back aligned, and your arms placed on your thighs. To make the position more comfortable, you can add a towel between your backside and feet.


4. Half Lord of the Fishes Pose

This simple yoga poses is perfect for stretching and strengthening tired back muscles.


5. Half-Cobra Pose

Here’s a pose that is sure to keep you relaxed, while keeping your muscles feeling their best. Simply lie on your stomach, and push your chest off the ground using your arms.

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6. Lotus Pose

This classic yoga pose is perfect for any long amount of time spent in front to TV.

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7. Seated Pose With Legs Apart

For this pose, you’ll watch to stretch your legs apart, place your hands firmly behind you, and keep your back straight.

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