Anyone Can Grow Herbs Thanks To This Handy Chart

Normally I would be the last person to ever attempt such a thing as growing herbs, as everything I plant, be it inside or out, meets a rather quick demise. (My photo is posted on the wall of the Burpee seed offices with WANTED on it. But I digress.)

However, this quick tutorial is perfect for the person who would like to grow something that can turn out to be as handy and useful as herbs—and needs some pointers on how to start. Check out the helpful infographic below, then get started planting your parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Note: The recommendations are based on the U.K., so you may need to adjust based on your climate. This site gives you average monthly temps in the U.K., in case you need.


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Of course, if you want to consult experts, look no further than the High Priestess of Home Style, Martha Stewart. She and Matt Lauer got their herb on, on the TODAY set:

h/t: Country Living