This High School Dance Team’s Modern Rendition Of ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Resulted In The Coolest Pep Rally We’ve Ever Seen

I recall high school pep rallies being a welcome break from class, but I can’t say my high school ever did anything quite like this. Once you see the video from this Arizona high school’s pep rally, I have a feeling you’ll agree.

This school recreated “The Wizard of Oz,” and told the story in a modernized dance format. Since the video was posted last fall, it’s garnered over a million views — and for good reason. The students of Walden Grove High School used songs such as Katy Perry’s “Roar” to tell the tale of the cowardly lion gaining courage and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” to illustrate the feud between Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West. How creative!

Between the dance moves and the music, it makes for one epic performance. Take a look at the viral video below:

The comments came rolling in online with people writing things such as, “Amazing as always! Wish all my high school rallies were like this,” on YouTube.

The Twitterverse sounded off on the performance, too.

People were blown away by the “absolutely splendid” display, as @cmheaven and @AAmbrosephoto wrote.

And the overall consensus was that people wished they attended Walden Grove High School.

“My high school was so lame,” one Twitter user, @Kristalle11, wrote. It would be hard to measure up to the enthusiasm at this school, that’s for sure!

One Twitter user, @TedGuice, also complained that his school “never did anything like this” when he attended high school back in the day. Honestly, we’re not sure most schools today can show off something this fabulous!

You have the dance team known as ThePAC to thank for this incredible rendition of “Wizard of Oz.” And this isn’t the first time the squad has absolutely wowed with their dancing abilities.

Their YouTube page is full of examples of their performances. They’ve put their own spin on other classics such as “Alice In Wonderland.”

Or, if you’re a Disney/Pixar lover, you have to see their mix of film favorites like “Toy Story,” “The Incredibles,” “Monsters, Inc.” and more!

And for those of us who vow to “never grow up,” the team’s “Peter Pan” routine will make you simply want to fly off to Neverland for good!

The team has also taken home first place in the Arizona State Cheerleading/Pom Tournament four years in a row, and according to their head coach and dance instructor, there’s a good reason for that.

“They just have the mentality that they are going to outwork everybody. They just don’t ever give in,” Kristi Lopez told the Sahuarita Sun in 2017. “They’re so disciplined. The mental toughness to get through the state season is unbelievable. These kids will know how to face any challenge in life.”

As this determination and their most recent dance prove, there’s no place like Walden Grove High School!