High School Boy Challenges Rival School’s Cheerleaders To A Must-See Gymnastics Battle

This high school freshman loves a little friendly competition, which he recently proved in a video that’s since gone viral. Sean Kennedy, a student at Southern Cayuga Central School in Aurora, New York, challenged the rival school’s cheerleaders to a gymnastics battle while attending a basketball game, and it led to an epic series of flips that you’ve just gotta see for yourself. 

Thankfully, a friend of Kennedy’s was nearby and able to film the interaction between Kennedy and the cheerleaders. The video shows Kennedy approaching the cheerleaders and asking them if they’d like to participate in a gymnastics-style showdown. When there are no takers, Kennedy performs a back handspring and walks away.

This encourages one brave cheerleader to then show Kennedy what she’s got. Of course, Kennedy’s got a response to her moves and, all in all, the interaction’s pretty incredible.

Watch how it all went down:

The video, which has been viewed over 11 million times, was posted alongside the caption, “Posting this vid on every platform possible because my best friend’s an ICON,” and the fans in the gym where the competition took place couldn’t agree more.

People online are loving the video, too. On Twitter, they keep making comparisons to the cheer film “Bring It On,” because this is basically the 2018 version.

Even though these schools have a “rivalry,” Kennedy admits this was all in good fun.

“Healthy competition is important in furthering our skills and I respect the cheerleaders who clapped back,” he told BuzzFeed. “All we wanted to do was to get the crowd energized and make the basketball game more amusing.”

After all, for Kennedy, gymnastics is just “a way to express [himself] and have fun,” the told The Citizen.

Seems as though he did a really great job of encouraging competition and building excitement. He told The Citizen that it was “the most [he’d] ever heard anyone cheer at a high school basketball game.” So, mission accomplished. He showed school spirit to the max and the end result—well, it was awesome.

High School Students Plan Uplifting Surprise In Memory Of Classmate

Days after one of their classmates took his own life, a group of friends in southern Ohio wanted to send a positive message to the rest of their high school student body.

As WCPO Cincinnati reports, Kwadwo Boateng’s suicide on August 25 came as a shock to Mason High School students.

“He was very positive and outgoing,” sophomore Michelle Crispin told the station. “He always wanted to make people laugh; he always wanted to talk to everyone, no matter who it was.”

So, she and a group of friends wanted to do something in the spirit of their late friend. They wanted to reach out to classmates and spread an important message: You are not alone.

“Sometimes it can be really hard to fit in or feel like you are wanted at such a large school,” said Erica English, another sophomore. “We all thought it would be a good idea to show everyone how they’re needed and make everyone feel good.”

English, Crispin and their friends spent eight hours Tuesday night writing four thousand (that’s right, four thousand) Post-It notes—one for each student at Mason High. Those notes, which bore messages like “You are loved” and “You are strong,” greeted students on their lockers Wednesday morning.

“A lot of kids, you’d see them walking around with the Post-It notes or you’d see them talking about it, and it just really made me happy,” said Crispin. “We got so many tweets and texts from people who enjoyed it, and it made their day a lot happier.”

While the girls were recognized for their gesture, they say the real credit should go to Boateng.

“We basically did this because this is what Kwadwo would do,” said student Anna Aronson. “We want to send positive messages like he would do with his friends every day.”

Nothing can bring back Kwadwo Boateng or erase the grief felt by his friends, family and classmates, but these students hope their “love” notes might help someone else going through a hard time.

High School Seniors Turn Their Parking Spots Into Very Cool Pieces Of Art

First of all, I can’t believe that high school seniors have their own parking spaces. I very rarely got to drive to school, and even then, you just parked wherever you could. Nowadays, some seniors get their own assigned parking spots, and with that privilege comes the opportunity to personalize it.

No, not just your name on the curb. That’s for old fogies like PRINCIPAL or ATHLETIC DIRECTOR. No, these parking spots are true works of art. It’s now a popular thing, it would seem; here’s some Pinspiration for you and check out these works of parking art below:

Good luck getting there on time, Martha!

Love this positive message from Elise Hutson.

Madison Bradley channeling her inner Grateful Dead.


Alison Harms says Cubs all the way even though she moved to Ft. Worth.

It’s nice to see that many seniors aren’t too cool to let their parents help them paint.

Something tells us J.K. Rowling would be a big fan of Elizabeth Victor‘s spot.

These students have some serious talent!

You gonna eat your tots? Mark Hamilton’s son is a Napoleon Dynamite fan.

Reece Wilson took her inspiration from her first name.

Some of these spots are so lovely, it seems a shame to park a car over them!

A view from above of an Austin, Texas, high school with painted parking spots.

Seniors put a lot of thought into their spots, and painting them has become an important ritual for many.


Even the Bard made it to a spot.


And we’ve got a “Friends” fan in the house!


And at Lebanon High School in Indiana, it is a very big deal.

The question remaining is: What happens after graduation? Do they scrub it off? Or does the whole thing just get blacktopped for the class of 2018?

[h/t: Hello Giggles]