Avocado margaritas are the latest avocado craze

We all know that we live in the age of the avocado. The creamy green fruit transcends trendiness (and has a ton of health benefits to boot, so buying one for $2 at the grocery store feels justified) and has sneaked its way from our toast to our smoothies to… our cocktails?

Yes, it’s true–the avocado margarita has arrived, and we’re not sure how to feel about it.

From Bon Appetit to Epicurious to an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s old show, “No Reservations,” the avocado margarita has been slowly penetrating the cocktail drinking world for years now. And honestly, it kind of makes sense. The fatty, creamy, vaguely sweet flavor of an avocado pairs well with the sweet (orange-flavored triple sec) and spicy (tequila) and salty (salt rim or bust) flavors of a classic margarita.

Evidently, the original avocado marg was developed at Curra’s Grill in Austin, where Bourdain first tried it some five years ago. Even the inimitable Bon Appetit writes of their recipe, “Inspired by the quintessential version served at Curra’s Grill in Austin. Trust us, it’s good!”


According to the cocktail website Supercall, Curra’s Grill has been making avocado margaritas for 20 years. Jorge Garcia developed the drink on a dare from his brother after testing out a range of fruity margaritas made from everything under the sun.

Garcia made the avocado cocktail with some reservations and was blown away by the flavor. His brother (and everyone else they could bully into trying the slushy green drink) also loved it, and the avocado marg was here to stay.

So it’s not just me who thinks the flavor profile is a little bit weird. That’s a relief.

This Instagram pic of the original does look fairly enticing, though perhaps more like a smoothie than a margarita:


Bonus points if you pair it with chips and salsa as this Instagrammer has wisely done!


And because not everyone can hop down to Austin for a drink, there are a number of recipes online that work to mimic the famous original.

With muggy August rapidly approaching, will you try this cooling cocktail? I think I’m convinced.

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