This Avocado Sock claims to ripen avocados in less than 24 hours

The Avocado Sock

Choosing a perfectly ripe avocado at the grocery store is definitely easier said than done. Sure, there are different ways you can supposedly tell if an avocado is ripe, but that doesn’t stop most of us from winding up with an avocado that’s much too hard to risk cutting into, am I right? Even worse, don’t you hate it when you have your heart set on guacamole and the grocery store only has rock-hard avocados that you know won’t be ripe for days?

Well, this Avocado Sock is specifically designed to take your unripe avocado and make it nice and soft in less than 24 hours.

So, you know what that means? You’ll have that guac served up faster than you thought!

The Avocado Sock

The product retails for $14.99 and can be found on The Avocado Sock company’s website.

This downright magical ripening sock was created by Diane Sherwood, who once owned a catering company.

“I ripened avocados in wool ski socks lined up in a drawer so that I would have plenty of ripe avocados at-the-ready for vats of guacamole,” she states on the company’s website.

And now, she’s making it possible for you to do the same. Only these socks are much fancier than ski socks.

The Avocado Sock

So, why does this sock trick work, exactly?

A quick science lesson: Avocados naturally release ethylene gas, which is what causes fruit to ripen. When you contain the avocado in a sock, you also trap the ethylene gas and speed up the ripening process. Simple as that.

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There are other methods for ripening your avocados in a timely fashion, as well.

Placing avocados in a paper bag supposedly has a similar effect to the sock method. But, according to The Avocado Sock website, “The natural lanolin and warmth of the wool ripens avocados evenly and gently and faster than a paper bag.”

So, the socks could be even more effective.

If you’re really in a hurry, you can even wrap avocados in tin foil and place them in the oven at a low temperature to promote ripening, but apparently, this method may not yield the best-tasting results.

So, are you willing to give this sock method a go?

I mean, you’ve purchased zanier kitchen gadgets, right? Perfectly ripe avocados are worth their weight in gold, so I’m thinking at $14.99, this product might be worth the splurge.

And now that you’ve found a way to always have a ripe avocado at the ready, you’ll probably want to beef up your arsenal of avocado recipes, so here are 10 deliciously easy avocado recipes to try.

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