Bacon Ranch Brussels Sprouts will make even the pickiest eater want to eat their veggies

Brussels sprouts aren’t typically a crowd favorite, but with a little creativity, this oft-maligned veggie can serve up hearty, savory flavor — plus plenty of vitamins and nutrients. Using an unexpected ingredient — ranch dressing — the blogger at Life With the Crust Cut Off has saved the internet from Brussels sprouts boredom.

This recipe for Bacon Ranch Brussels Sprouts was cooked up by blogger Parrish, and between the bacon, ranch seasoning and crispy sprouts, this dish packs a ton of flavor and some good crunch. The recipe only calls for five ingredients and it’s easy for chefs of any skill level to whip up as a quick side dish.

Parrish recommends sourcing your Brussels sprouts locally, so they’ll be crispy and fresh. You can prep your ingredients (Brussels sprouts, dry ranch mix, bacon, onion and oil) while the oven preheats and then everything bakes for 20-25 minutes. Start to finish, the whole recipe takes less than an hour to complete.

Life With the Crust Cut Off

Plus, you can customize the recipe by using any kind of ranch mix you want. You could pick up your favorite brand from the grocery store or farmer’s market, or be more adventurous and make your own (as long as it’s a dry mix and not a liquid dressing).

This is the perfect opportunity to play around with different ranch flavors to see which one best suits your tastebuds. Check out Parrish’s full instructions for Bacon Ranch Brussels Sprouts to learn how to achieve this cozy, roasted dish.

If you also want a main dish that’s all about the bacon-ranch combination, try your hand at this chicken bacon ranch casserole, which combines chicken and ranch seasoning with bacon and gooey cheese.

Or take all the effort out of your bacon-and-ranch-flavored meal and pick up one of DiGiorno’s stuffed crust pizzas laden with chicken, bacon and ranch seasoning. The Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Crust Chicken Bacon Ranch Rumble frozen pizza is as intense as it sounds, offering chicken chunks and bacon over a ranch sauce, plus bacon and cheese stuffed in the crust.


It might not provide as much nutritional value as Brussels sprouts, but it’s certainly a satisfying dinner packed with bacon-ranch flavor!


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