The Best Flooring Option For Every Room In Your House

Your home’s floors bear the brunt of your family’s daily activities. They take everything from kids’ messes to pets’ claws to dirty shoes and more. On top of this, while durability is obviously essential, you also want your flooring to enhance your home’s décor.

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing new flooring, and room in your house is unique. You have to think about functionality, style, maintenance, price, installation and even your future needs.

All of this might seem daunting, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Consumer Reports has created a guide to help homeowners pick the perfect floor type for every room in the house. Check out this room-by-room overview of their top picks before you commit to something new.

Living, Dining And Other Main Areas

Floors in these high-traffic rooms can take a beating. In addition, they are the first and primary places guests to your home will see. Hardwood floors are Consumer Report’s top pick for your family and entertaining areas, as they stand up to so much and can still look gorgeous.


The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it deserves some TLC. Wood floors might not be the best option, since it may not stand up as well to all of the messy spills, sliding chairs and water splashes that go on there. Consider sturdy, low-maintenance porcelain tile, which has options for every decorating style.

kitchen photo
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Bathrooms And Laundry Rooms

If you have kids, a dog or simply enjoy soaks in the tub, you know how much water can end up on your bathroom floor. Let’s not even talk about what can happen when plumbing goes awry. The potential for excess H2O is the reason porcelain tile tops the list for bathrooms and other water-prone areas of the house. Textured tiles help prevent dangerous slips, as well.

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The guide does not have any recommendations for your bedroom floor, perhaps because bedrooms are such personal spaces. Some people prefer hardwood flooring, as it is attractive, durable and can even reduce allergies. Others love the feeling of soft carpet under their bare feet first thing in the morning.

bedroom floor photo
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Overall, selecting an option that is appealing, comfortable and sensible for you is the best way to go.