Birthday charcuterie boards let you enjoy all your favorite birthday treats

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For many, birthday celebrations are synonymous with sensational, sugary confections. Typically, you’ll have a birthday cake or cupcakes on the menu. But the birthday girl or boy might have a hard time deciding which guilty pleasure to have on such an important day.

Don’t force anyone to choose just one birthday dessert to enjoy! Birthday charcuterie boards are here to save the day — because why have a single food item when you can have a platter of sweets at your party?

Homebody Eats

The birthday charcuterie board is a tasty twist on the viral, food sensation that has hit social media. While we love a nice, savory charcuterie board filled with meats, cheese, or even a collection of french fries, we’re all about satisfying our sweet tooth.

We found this idea courtesy of Jessica, the blogger behind Homebody Eats. And, while she thinks her birthday bash platter doesn’t fall into the technical definition of a charcuterie board (meats and cheeses only), we beg to differ. After all, we’ve seen charcuterie boards for everything from hot cocoa and pancakes. We believe birthdays rate high enough to not only bend the rules but break them.

Jessica’s birthday charcuterie board idea can be customized to any person’s tastes. In the example, she used snacks such as macarons, cupcakes, chocolate-covered fruit and pretzels, and more.

Homebody Eats

The most ingenious part of this birthday charcuterie board is how you can choose to make everything from scratch, buy the items at the store or use a combination of the two to build a fabulous, edible gift for family and friends.

In addition to the ideas from Homebody Eats, here are a few more you can use to personalize the platter:

  • Add some extra bling to the birthday board with mini cookies made with “disco” chocolate chips.
  • Grab some edible cookie dough from the store and roll them into balls. Or, you could make your own Ben & Jerry’s version.
  • You could make your own marshmallows. They’re easier than you think!
  • Have a candy lover? Why not pick up a few bags of bite-sized bars or snack-sized fruity candy packages to scatter around?

How would you build your perfect birthday charcuterie board?

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