Blood moon hair is a gorgeous color trend for stargazers

The next blood moon doesn’t occur over the U.S. until January 2019, but you can see its beauty every time you look in the mirror! Yes, blood moon hair is officially a thing.

When the most recent blood moon occurred in January, the rare natural phenomenon was enough to inspire Maryland-based hair stylist Megan Schipani—the same hair colorist that recently brought you PB & J hair—to come up with a new cosmic color creation.

Last week, Schipani posted a photo of the blood moon-inspired dye job, and it’s absolutely stunning:

She captioned the post, “This color was inspired by the way the sky looks when it is inhabited by a Blood Moon.”

According to, a blood moon occurs “when Earth’s moon is in full eclipse” and causes the moon to appear a reddish brown color. In Schipani’s version, she starts with a red-orange color at the roots  to honor the moon and gradually transitions into a blue gray hue.

Just for comparison, here’s a photo of a blood moon-filled sky:

blood moon photo
Getty Images | David McNew


And, here’s a look at Schipani’s hair-dye homage:

Was she spot on with that coloring or what? Honestly, it’d be hard not to stare in amazement, the same way you’d gaze at the night sky.

“Lately, I’ve been feeling a little bit out of whack, and it’s been brought to my attention that it’s probably due to the moon,” Schipani told Allure this month. “Instead of [being] annoyed by it and blaming everything on it, I decided I would do a color inspired by it.”

What a beautiful tribute! Would you be willing to give this color a try?