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16 Brilliant Hacks To Organize And Clean Your Fridge And Freezer

These are such smart ideas!

It’s that time of the year to think about routine cleaning and scrubbing around your home. The perfect place to start is with your refrigerator and freezer.

This area is practically begging to be cleaned and reorganized. Start by removing any groceries that have expired or are going unused. From spoiled yogurt to unused cheeses, there are several items that could be cluttering the space.

From there, consider ways to reorganize your space. Are there areas that could be utilized more? Are their places that could harbor more items? Here’s 16 great tips to get the most out of this small space.

1. Store Groceries In Baskets

Add more storage space by using handy baskets to keep your fruit and vegetables organized. Bonus points if they have handles.


2. Label Everything

Give everything a place by assigning labels to individuals baskets or areas in your fridge. It’s an easy way to add simple, yet effective organization.


3. Get Lazy

Store your leftovers more efficiently by keeping them in a lazy susan.


4. Freeze Soups Flat

Increase storage space by doing this. Instead of putting soups into a rectangular or round container to be frozen, put them in baggies, lay them flat and freeze them. Stack them on top of each other or stand upright like shown in the photo below.

The Kitchn

5. Utilize Mason Jars

Keep your groceries tasting fresh by storing them in Mason jars. Not only will they extend the shelf life of your fruits and veggies, but it will also help to improve the storage space in your fridge.


6. Grab A Carton

Use an emptied carton of eggs to store your condiments. Placing them upside not only allows for less squeezing, but it also keeps your bottles localized on one place.

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7. Put Condiments In Same-Sized Bottles

This will ensure everything fits, and you can see how much is left of each one.

Chez Larsson

8. Make Your Own Cubbies

Keep your freezer organized by making sections. If you don’t like cutting wood, get clever with a few plastic bins to create separation. Get the DIY tutorial.

9. Make It A Chalkboard

Cover your fridge with chalkboard paint to give yourself extra space for a grocery list or menu.


10. Or Use Dry Erase Markers

An easy alternative for those who don’t want to paint their fridge.


11. Create Your Own Mats

Make cleaning up spills a breeze by using handy mats to line the shelves of your fridge. Get the DIY tutorial.

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12. Add New Space

Give your freezer a bit more wiggle room by using binder clips as hooks for bagged items. How easy is that?


13. Work With Magnets

Move your smaller plastic containers out of the way by applying magnets to bottom of the container. Stick to the edge of the fridge for a magnetic cling.

Magnetic plastic containers

14. Re-Use Old Six Pack Containers

Keep loose bottles and condiments organized by re-using old six pack containers.


15. Repurpose Plastic Containers

Up-cycle plastic containers to store cut fruit and vegetables.


16. Reduce Wasted Food

Once opened, some foods have a shorter shelf life. Put these in a special bin (at the front of your fridge so it’s easy to see) for foods that need to get eaten first.


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