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Animal Fun and Fashion/Etsy

While many of us love the holidays, we don’t necessarily love the freezing temperatures that come with this magical time of year. That includes the pet chickens in our lives.

While knitted sweaters and coats for companion animals like dogs and cats have been mainstream for years, cold-weather fashion for our plump, feathered friends is a bit more niche. But that doesn’t mean these clothes aren’t out there.

We’ve told you in the past about do-it-yourself options for keeping your pet chickens warm in the winter, but now you can find some on Etsy that take all the work out of it. A seller called Animal Fun and Fashion has several chicken sweaters listed for sale and a few of them are even festive!

Animal Fun and Fashion/Etsy


Check out that chic chicken in her hand-crocheted red sweater. She’d fit in at pretty much any barnyard Christmas party!

The sweaters are made to order and come in sizes from extra small to large. They close with buttons on the side, allowing them to be put on and removed without much effort. The reviews are stellar, with buyers saying they look adorable and feel very warm.

The sweaters range in price from $21.04 to $24.75, depending on the size you order. Unfortunately, the red option has been so popular this holiday season that it was sold out as of publication time, but there were several other colors still available, including this sharp-looking black one.

Animal Fun and Fashion/Etsy

This sweater will make your pet chicken look pretty sophisticated as they strut around the yard. You might need a chicken-sized pearl necklace to complete the outfit.

If you want something a little more colorful, Animal Fun and Fashion also offers one that is yellow and orange.

Animal Fun and Fashion/Etsy

While these sweaters are really fun and help keep your feathery friends warm, the seller does warn that they aren’t safe to keep on them all the time. They can apparently interfere with molting and the chicken’s feet can become entangled in the material if the fit isn’t tight enough, so keep that in mind if you order one.

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