10 Camping Tricks, Because You Don’t Need To Be “Roughing It”

With spring in full swing, it’s camping season again, and we found all the tricks you need to have a great trip!

1. DIY Egg Storage

Kids Activities Blog

Eggs are a camping essential. But transporting them to your campsite is a challenge. Not anymore with this camping hack from the Kids Activities Blog. Just prep the eggs in advance by cracking them into a clear container, then using a Sharpie to indicate how many eggs you have (and will have left). Clever, huh?

2. DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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Living On Less in the Northwest

My tiny bladder and I love, love love his camping hack—your own, traveling toilet paper holder. No more just carrying around the TP on its own (or having to go without altogether), no more getting it rain-soaked, no more inconvenience.

All you need is an empty large plastic coffee container and you’re all set. Just cut a slit along the side for the toilet paper to come out and on the opposite side of the coffee container handle, advises Living On Less in the Northwest.

3. DIY Water Dish For The Dog

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Kids Activities Blog

When creating camping hacks, don’t forget about the dog. Need a disposable water dish? Just cut the bottom from a jug of water, and you and your four-legged friend are all set.

4. DIY Mini Medicine Cabinet

image (22)
Retro Roadies

This is a great alternative way to use a pill box. Just fill it with your favorite medicines and, by adding their corresponding labels, you won’t forget which is which and accidentally take a sleeping pill when you meant to take your morning aspirin.

5. DIY Pill Bottle First Aid Kit

image (25)
Chasing Green

While we’re talking medications, what about first aid kits? You can make your own tiny first aid kits by filling up old prescription medicine bottles with the essentials, advises Chasing Green.

It’s dealer’s choice when it comes to filling up the bottle, but aside from Band-Aids and alcohol pads, you can add things like Q-tips, antiseptic ointment, and a cotton ball.

6. DIY Survival Kits

image (24)

A survival kit is a must-have when out in the wilderness. Instructables fills theirs with everything from miniature fire starters and matches to a razor blade and safety pins. Little Things suggests including items such as a tiny flashlight and a piece of candy (which could help a diabetic), as well. Find one that you think suits you, and do not camp without one.

7. DIY Granola Balls

image (23)

Bring along these granola balls to satisfy everyone’s hunger and snack cravings. Plus, they’re so easy to make (back at home before you go camping, of course).

You just heat almond butter and rice syrup in a saucepan. In a bowl, mix together your dry ingredients—rice cereal, granola, and dried fruit, like cherries or blueberries. Next, add the heated mixture in, then roll into balls. You can check out the full recipe here.

8. DIY, All-Natural Bug Spray

peppermint oil photo
Photo by shalommama

There are several ways to make your own, all-natural mosquito and bug repellent. One is from mixing together olive oil with peppermint and spearmint essential oils.

For another repellent, you can mix together essential oils, like lemon eucalyptus, lavender, and/or peppermint, with witch hazel (or vodka).

You can mix various essential oils together, as the bugs are not fans. So, 30-50 drops of essential oils, 2 tablespoons of witch hazel or vodka, and 2 tablespoons of olive, almond, or jojoba oil are all you need.

9. DIY Mosquito Aid (aka Bring Bananas)

bananas photo
Photo by 24oranges.nl

Not only will bananas boost your immune system and help energize you for all your camping activities, like hiking and swimming, but they’ll also help heal your bug bites, which is nearly a given when camping. If you do get bitten, rub the bite with the inside of a banana peel (the fleshy part) and itch no more!

10. Foam Floor Tiles For Your Tent

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A Little Campy

Part of camping involves sleeping. Instead of a tent pad for camping, why not try foam floor tiles like A Little Campy suggests? Any of us who have been around kids have probably sat on them before, but sleeping on them is genius, I think.

Photo by RichardBH