Chip Gaines and baby Crew had an adorable Father-Son moment in a hammock


The dog days of summer are here, and Chip Gaines knows just how to spend ’em — snuggled up with his baby boy in a hammock. The father of five posted a photo to his Instagram account showcasing what nap time looks like for his newborn son and himself.

He captioned the post, “#thegoodolddays” — and this looks like a good old day, indeed!

The photo shows Gaines with a baseball cap pulled down to shade his face while his son, Crew, rests on his arm. The pair couldn’t be more adorable if they tried!

Since Crew was introduced to the world on June 23, he’s been a welcome, snuggly addition to the Gaines family.

His mom, Joanna Gaines, posted an Instagram photo showing off his cuddling skills, calling him a “cuddle bug:”

Since then, the proud parents haven’t been able to stop posting about their newest member of the family and all of the sweet moments they’ve shared with him so far. Not that we could blame them!

Chip shared another photo of Crew sleeping soundly in his arms, with the caption, “My heart is full.”

And while this dad may prefer napping and relaxing with the baby in the hammock, Crew’s mom much prefers the rocking chair:

And with four other kids running around, there aren’t just solo snuggle sessions. As you might imagine, their downtime can get pretty crowded.

Joanna even has a name for these moments: “cuddlefests.” How sweet is that?

Whenever the parents need a break, there’s always an older sibling who’s ready to take on the duty of looking after baby Crew. This precious photo shows Crew’s older sister, 8-year-old Emmie Kay, doting on her baby brother:

Clearly, when it comes to the Gaines family, the more the merrier.

Here are some of the first photos the family posted after Crew was born:

Joanna has even said that she has an open mind about having more kids after welcoming their fifth baby.

“I joke with my friends that I’m going to be that 45-year-old who’s pregnant,” she told People magazine. “I’m open to whatever. I’m just having fun with it.”

In the meantime, she’s enjoying being able to slow down with this baby.

“I had four kids aged 4 and under [at one point],” she told the magazine. “There were so many diapers, and it was chaos. Those years just flew because there was so much happening in the moment. I feel like I can really take this one in and relish these moments.”

So, baby Crew — bring on the snuggles!

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