Cinnabon’s Churro Swirls Are Now a Permanent Menu Item


If churros are on your list of favorite foods, listen up. Cinnabon is rolling out a new treat you are definitely going to want to try — churro swirls!

Churro swirls are not totally new, as they were first introduced in August 2018. The good news is these cinnamon-coated treats are now part of the permanent menu and available at mall bakeries nationwide. Can you even imagine how good the mall is going to smell now?!

The churro swirls are baked and coated in cinnamon sugar, and you can buy on their own or with two flavors of dipping sauces: warm Ghirardelli chocolate or smooth caramel. They start at $2.49, with a second churro starting at 99 cents and dippers start at 50 cents. Prices vary per location.


If you really want to indulge, you can spring for the churro frosting sandwich instead, which features a layer of Cinnabon signature cream cheese frosting between two churro swirls.

Uh, I’ll take five:


If you’ve never had a churro, it is one of the oldest foods in the world and basically a fritter-like pastry that is sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. Some say the credit should go to China, which had a pastry that Portuguese sailors brought back. Others say nomadic Spanish shepherds invented them due to a lack of cooking devices because they could be made with just a frying pan placed over a fire.

If you do know all about the glory that is the churro and just can’t get enough, you might also want to try this churro Chex party mix that you can whip up yourself in just 15 minutes — no mall trip required.

Will you be heading to your local Cinnabon to try their churro swirl treat?

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